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Australian Honey with Honeycomb 240g

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Product of Australia


A piece of natural honeycomb immersed in pure 100% Australian Honey. Direct from the hive, the beautiful piece of honeycomb provides a deliciously buttery wax adding a whole new dimension to the honey.


You will not get any closer to pure Australian honey than this, from the hive to your home!



  • 100% Australian honey… always


  • Honeycomb straight from the hive





-  Honeycomb can be enjoyed very simply by just chewing on a piece to enjoy the raw honey and texture of the beeswax.


- Enjoy as part of a cheese plate with a creamy brie or goats cheese & crusty bread.  The sweetness of honey is the perfect contrast to the saltiness of cheese - elevate your cheese platter to new heights!


- Let a slice melt on top of your pancakes or oatmeal.


- Use as topping for yogurt or ice cream to add a touch of decadence to simple desserts.






Ingredients: 100% Australian Honey, Natural Honeycomb from beeswax.





What you get: 1 pc Beechworth Honey Bee Raw Honey & Honeycomb 240g jar




How to store: Store at room temperature

Customer Reviews

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peter benson

excellent product. will buy again


This honey is slightly citrusy, and so has a bright sweetness to it. Very enjoyable on toast or by itself.

Ira M
All Natural, at its Best

I always get my honey from my trips to AU and NZ. But being housebound for the past couple of months made my stash get depleted! Thank god I chanced upon gourmetdirectph and they had this really great brand of honey! It tastes as pure, clean and just the right amount of sweet you would expect from something straight out of nature. None of those super sweet crap, this is as close as you can get to fresh! Love it.

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